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Specialized Certifications

When you enroll in any Certification course you will receive a certification from TheLCU and potentially a partnering certifying agency.  See the certification's description for the tuition fee. 

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Board Certifed Faith-Based Counselor Certification                                          Dual online and land class (Offered through the International Board of Faith-Based Counselors, a subsidiary of LCU)                                                                                                         starting September 10, 2024        Cost: $650

Board Certified Faith-Based Counseling Program The International Board of Faith-Based Counselors offers quality faith-based mental health training in a dual learning format that allows you to complete your training in the space most comfortable for you whether at home, your office, or in-person at one of our class sites. This format has been designed to fit into your busy schedule.  Do you want to earn a Certificate in Faith-Based Counseling? Complete the courses listed below to become an IBFC Board Certified Faith-Based Counselor.  As an added benefit, after completing the formal admission process for a degree program, you may also transfer credits from the IBFC program to degree programs of LegiSee Christian University (TheLCU). Classes include but are not limited to:  Counseling, Psychology and the Christian: This course studies the composite of the Christian with emphasis on the contrast between his mind, will, emotions, and the human spirit. Christian Counseling 100: This introductory course addresses the local Church, the Christian counselor, and the Christian community. Suggested textbook – Competent to Counsel Christian Counseling 200: This course introduces the Bible as the most valuable tool that can be used in Counseling. Suggested textbook – Christian Counseling Counseling for Change: Covers a wide spectrum of counseling issues with avenues to bring about change in the counselee. Cast Out or Counsel Through: Learn the difference and the importance of timing of each  Eight Stages of Development and Family Issues: This course covers the 8 stages of development and explores the individual impact each stage has on humanity and Much more Registration Fee: $50.00 Tuition Cost: $600.00 Program Total: 24 credit hours ​     * Materials Included Students who complete this program onsite or online will receive 24 credit hours that may be applied toward a degree in Christian Counseling from LegiSee Christian Counseling, Inc. IBFC Certification SHOULD NOT be considered the same as state licensing. Most states have laws governing the practice of general counseling, and these laws may vary from state to state. IFBC is motivated to attain the same and greater goals, as state professional licensure.  As Believers we understand that counseling through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God is the ultimate resolution for the troubled soul, yet at the same time, we must maintain the legal guidelines set forth by state regulations for mental health professionals. States have been known to recognize that counseling is a common responsibility of the local church, and for this reason, the state does not tend to interfere with the ministry of counseling. IBFC does not as a habit publicly endorse counselors who have completed our certificate programs unless working in one of our certified organizations.  Certification from our organization simply represents that the counselor has completed the required coursework and passed the required testing within the program. NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 20/20): September 10, 2024 - November 07, 2024 March 4, 2025 - May 1, 2025 September 9, 2025 - November 6, 2025



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