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Pathway Certifications

When you enroll in any Certification course you will receive a certification from The LCU and potentially a partnering certifying agency.  See the certification's description for the tuition fee. 


CS9 Customer Service Soft Skills Certification                                                                  Dual online and land class                                                                                                                 starting August 2024        Cost: $250

Customer service is essential for all arenas. With the increase of technology, human interaction with customers has become even more important. Customer service has become one of the central factors in organizational success. Taking training to the next level through certification is more than putting a nice certificate on the wall. Certifying what is learned through training is another way for managers to hold employees accountable. Managers can focus on bigger-picture issues when they trust that their direct-reports can put into practice what has been learned through training. Customer service certifications confirm that you have gained certain skills used in diverse customer interaction scenarios. CS9 certifies the crucial 9 customer service skills needed for workplace success in any arena. Why is this so important? It means that you have proven your dedication to a customer-focused organization, and those around you can depend on you as a leader in customer service excellence. It means that you are committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in service regarding both internal and external customers. Let’s explore the benefits of the CS9 certification: •Stand out: CS9 act as tangible proof of the holder’s knowledge and expertise. •Directed training: CS9 training programs deliver lessons and tests on a specific niche. •Enhanced personal skills: CS9 training programs can improve your communication and problem-resolution skills. •Better career opportunities: Obtaining a CS9 certifications has the ability to open doors to high-level customer service positions. You will also take away some extraordinary customer service techniques you won’t find anywhere else. Certification is 4 days (Tu & Thu) 2hrs each NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 20/20): August 20 2024 @ 9A-11A August 20 2024 @ 6P-8P

ethernet course.jpg

Basic Ethernet Network Certifications                                                                              Land class only                                                                                                                                     starting August 2024        Cost: $300

The use of Ethernet in industrial and plant floor environments has grown significantly. Industrial users face a wide range of options when designing and implementing plant-level Ethernet networks. The Basic Ethernet Network courses and certifications are intended to help entry level personnel design a basic needs layout, terminate necessary cables and ports, and conduct basic installs and maintain their Ethernet networks. This Basic to Intermediate course is for any of you who require the knowledge to create and maintain an Ethernet Network and be familiar with all the tools and equipment necessary for basic success. You will be able to set up a basic Ethernet network and an industrial Ethernet/IP network. This training consists of 3 basic ethernet certifications, each taught separately and must be taken in succession: •Basic network design certification •Ethernet creation certification •Basic Ethernet network install and maintenance At the end of the courses, you will feel confident creating and running Basic Ethernet and Ethernet/IP networks. Certification is 1 day (Sat) 6hrs each NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 10): August 31 2024 @ 10A-3P September 28th 2024 @ 10A-3P


Basic Audio Visual Certifications                                                                                           Land class only                                                                                                                         starting August 2024        Cost: $300

Audiovisual technology is becoming the basis in many types of organizations, such as church, corporations, event facilities, and the list continues. Understanding the basics of audiovisual allows you to use technical understanding to match individual or organizational needs with the right AV technology and equipment, installing them, and ensuring their operation. In these Basic Audiovisual Certification Courses you will learn to: •Identify the different types of cable and equipment needed to properly run sound and capture video. •Operate and maintain audio and video equipment in recording sets and other venues; set up equipment to prepare for events such as meetings, broadcast productions, and musical performances; dismantle it on completion of events •Work with diverse equipment for recording as well as with projectors, sound systems, and video screens, •Store and transport AV equipment safely, •Operate software to control AV technologies, and monitor live feeds to ensure transmission quality •learn about the sensitivity of microphones and the functional requirements of a loudspeaker. •And much more This collection of certification courses will teach you the basic principles, processes, and models that are essential for acoustic systems. This training consists of 4 basic audiovisual certifications, each taught separately and must be taken in succession: •Basic needs identification (identifying and mapping out sound and video needs) •Basic Cable Installation and necessary equipment •Basic equipment operations (running sound board and camera switchers) •Basic audio and video editing At the end of the courses, you will feel confident installing and running basic audio and video needs. Certification is 4 days (Mon & Tue) 2hrs each NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 10): August 5, 2024 @ 6P-8P


Basic Computer Certifications                                                                                            Land class only                                                                                                                                  starting September 2024        Cost: $150

Learning to properly use a computer often requires training that provides lessons that guide your journey to successfully do so. These certification courses can help you gain basic computer skills and knowledge and encourage you to pursue computer related activities at home or at work. Regardless the arena or field of expertise, every job or extracurricular activity will soon require Understanding more about the proper use of computers and the software that drives the processes and outcomes. This collection of certification courses for beginners will help you develop your proficiencies and use your computer more effectively. Computers are now a common sight in the workplace, making computer skills very attractive to employers. These courses cover everything you need to get comfortable with computers, including vital skills such as typing, file management, word processing, and much more. Now that computers are a fundamental part of so many jobs and personal hobbies, it’s increasingly important that you know how to use them. Whether you're aiming for administrative, secretarial, or data-analysis roles, our courses empower you to enhance your Microsoft proficiency strategically. Gain the basic understanding needed to succeed in various professional domains. This training consists of 5 basic computer certifications, each taught separately: •Basic Computer Skills •Hardware Basics Setup and Maintenance •Installing and Uninstalling Software •Internet safety •Basic troubleshooting Certification is 4hrs (Sat), or 2 days (Fri & Mon) 2 hours each. NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 15): September 7 2024 @ 10A-1P September 20 & 23 2024 @ 6P-8P


Basic Branding Certifications                                                                                            Land class only                                                                                                                          starting August 2024        Cost: $350

The use of branded and customized apparel for corporations and personal use has become very popular and costly. Individuals with the skillsets to design and produce promotional and personal apparel and gift items are able to craft a business of their own. This Basic Branding course is for any of you who desires the knowledge to create and maintain an operational apparel setup or business, as well as being familiar with all the tools and equipment necessary for basic success. This training consists of 3 basic ethernet certifications, each taught separately and does not have be taken in succession: •Branding Theory (why, from a business point of view) •Design (meet certain criteria) •Software and production (each has its own certification) -Versa Works (used with most commercial Roland Printers) -Silhouette (dedicated to its own cutter) -Sign Master (basic plotter software) -LightBurn (basic engraver software) •Application -Heat Press (for appeal application) -Temporary to Permanent Applications (for all other vinyl applications At the end of the courses, you will feel confident creating and running Basic Branding software, equipment, and application production. Certification is 3 days (6-8P Thur-Fri & 10a-12N Sat) or 2 days (Fri 6-8P & Sat 10A-2P) NEXT CLASS BEGINS (each class is limited to 20/20): August 1 2024 (3days) @ 6P-8P October 4 2024 (2 days)@ 6P-8P


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