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Hybrid Dual Degrees

When you enroll in the hybrid dual degree program you will graduate with both a Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in the designated fields.                                              The tuition cost for these degrees is $10000.

Master of Arts in Practical Ministry and                              Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling 

The Masters of Arts in Practical Ministry equips students for teaching ministries in churches, Bible institutes and other ministry settings. This graduate program offers several concentrations, each with a unique curriculum. The PhD in Christian Counseling is designed for counselors, pastors, and educators who are seeking advanced knowledge and practical competence in Christian counseling. The student will critically interact with contemporary developments in Christian counseling and selected psychotherapies. Careers include Pastoral Ministry, Church Management, Youth Ministry, Private Practice, Teachers in Schools, Hospital, Non-profit service, Church, Behavior healthcare organizations. What you'll learn 1.Understand congregational growth and development. 2.Skills and knowledge needed to effectively serve in parishes, dioceses or other ministerial settings. 3.Prepares students to increase competence and understanding in the Word of God by utilizing basic methods of biblical interpretation. 4.Understand old and new testament backgrounds. 5.Understand Pastoral counseling 6.Church History & Renewal 7.Methodical study of Scripture 8.Preaching that connects with the congregation. 9.Enable students to integrate biblical and theological understanding with practical ministry strategies. 10.Counseling ethics and disorders. 11.Integrate basic psychological theories with the scriptures 12.Advanced knowledge and skills to become an effective Christian Counselor. 13.Psychological Learning processes. 14.Understand Christian counseling and family therapy. 15.Development of the student's personal life and ministry. 16.Empower students for Christian counseling in the local church, private practice or mental health institution. At LCU, our aim is to transform a culture by shifting the mindset of the willing with Kingdom education. For Questions, Scholarships or General Enquiries, CALL NOW



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